The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 2 and 3 Sided Configurations 4 Sided Configurations (No Struts) Strut Position Panel Type A Panel Type B Panel Type C Upper (900mm) 45.6kN/m² 30.4kN/m² 18.2kN/m² Middle (600mm) 102.6kN/m² 68.5kN/m² 38.6kN/m² Lower (300mm) 151.1kN/m² 100.8kN/m² 38.6kN/m² Panel Type A Panel Type B Panel Type C 310.4kN/m² 119.4kN/m² 38.6kN/m² System Specification Taking into account the limiting structural resistances (as defined on the previous page) when the panels, posts and struts are combined in the various configurations, the allowable uniform pressures on the pox panels are defined in the tables below for each configuration of box (The following data assumes uniform pressure distribution on the back of the box panels) Modular Aluminium Panel (MAP) Box 8.3.3