The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 Backhoe Trench & Manhole Boxes Features and benefits A robust yet lightweight box system suitable for use with backhoe (180° degree) and mini excavators. Base box weighs typically only 740kg (Trench Box) or 915kg (Manhole Box). Suitable for supporting excavations depths up to 4.0m in reasonable ground. Simple pinned strut arrangement for rapid on-site assembly and adjustment. 1.2m clearance under bottom strut for large diameter pipes. End closure panels are available to support the open ends of the boxes (see Box Ancillaries 9.7.2). The Backhoe Trench and Manhole Boxes are lightweight alternatives to the standard Groundforce Trench and Manhole box ranges. They have been developed to optimise strength whilst ensuring their weight remains low enough to be handled by smaller excavators on site. All boxes are capable of supporting trenches up to 4m deep when a base module is connected to two top extension units. Trench widths of up to 2.2m (earth to earth) for the Trench Box and 3m for the Manhole Boxes can be achieved by using a variety of fixed length strut extensions. These are connected to the box plates using a simple pin arrangement for speedy on-site assembly. Product Link Box Struts - Section 9.5 Box Ancillaries - Section 9.7 9.4.1