The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 Box Struts - Premier Multi-Box Type Strut Reference Pin to Pin Range (mm) Weight (kg) Allowable axial compressive force (kN) Allowable axial tensile force (kN) Strut B 962 75 +266.0 with a FOS = 1.6 (as limited by shear in the 40mm pin connections) -266.0 with a FOS = 1.6 (as limited by shear in the 40mm pin connections) Strut C 1062 80 Strut J 2562 160 Strut D 1162 85 Strut E 1262 91 Strut H 2062 134 Strut F 1462 103 Strut G 1762 118 Components 1. 40mm dia. Pin and Clip (Ref. 2 Pin). 2. Premier Rocker. 3. Fixed Extension (various sizes available). General description Due to their greater load capacity and physical size Premier boxes have a stronger version of the multi-box strut. Various permutations of multi-strut are available for these boxes including both fixed and incrementally adjustable struts. The fixed length strut comprises heavy duty end rocker units linked together by a series of fixed length oversleeves whilst the incrementally adjustable strut incorporates an incrementally adjustable oversleeve unit. The rockers allow a degree of strut articulation to facilitate a typical dig and push installation sequence. Multi-box struts are constructed of sufficiently large box section steel so that lateral bucking is not a design limitation within the operating width range of the box. Consequently, the axial resistance or capacity of these struts is limited by local effects such as shear strength of the 40mm diameter adjustment pin. Design data Controlling section size for structural assessment: Premier Rocker 120x120x10 SHS, Grade S355 (50C) steel. Outersleeve (Type B-J) 150x150x12.5 SHS, Grade S355 (50C) steel. Outersleeve (Type K-L) 200x200x12.5 SHS, Grade S355 (50C) steel. Adjustable Unit (A1) 180x180x10 and 150x150x12.5 SHS, Grade S355 (50C) steel. All pinned connections incorporate a 40mm 605M36T (EN16) Ø pin. 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 Data table for fixed length struts 9.5.5