The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 Rolling Strut Trench Box Advantages Parallel plate movement enables easy installation and removal with minimal ground settlement. The moveable (rolling) struts permit better access for installation of long pipes, and facilitate good access for an excavator bucket as well as providing good visibility for the operator. Under-strut clearances of up to 3.1m are available, this enables installation of larger diameter pipes or culverts compared to traditional boxes. Strut width adjustment is by bolted extensions which provided better rigidity and thus allows trenches up to 6.6m wide to be supported. Plates can be pushed down to different invert levels for full support of stepped trenches. High loads can be accommodated by positioning the strut lower down the box plates. Problem ground conditions can thus be accommodate where traditional boxes would be not have sufficient structural capacity. Rolling Strut (RS) Trench Boxes employ a radically different methodology to support trench runs compared to traditional fixed position strut trench boxes. As the name suggests, the RS Trench Box employs a single strut that is able to be moved via integral rollers, vertically up and down the plates. The RS system has been specifically developed to allow greater working clearances for the installation of long and/or large diameter pipes, and precast box culverts. The other main advantage is that parallel plate movement is maintained during installation and removal, which minimises potential undesirable ground movement outside the trench Each box consists of two large independently moving plates (3.45m long x 4.0m deep) and 2 moveable, incrementally adjustable length struts. 10.2.1