The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 Rolling Strut Double Slide Rail Advantages Parallel plate movement enables easy installation and removal with minimal ground settlement. Moveable (rolling) struts allow maximum access for installation of long pipes, maximum access for excavator bucket and good visibility for the operator. Under-strut clearances of up to 3.67m can be achieved which, enables the installation of large diameter pipes or culverts. Strut width adjustment is by bolted heavy duty extensions which provided better rigidity and thus allows trenches up to 7m wide to be supported. Plates can be pushed down to different invert levels for full support of stepped trenches. High loads can be accommodated by positioning the strut lower down the box plates. Problem ground conditions thus can be accommodate where traditional boxes would be under-strength. Trench depths up to 9m can be achieved depending on the strength requirements of the system. The Rolling Strut (RS) Double Slide Rail system is a high strength, highly versatile trench lining system for the support of wide deep trenches in all ground conditions. The system uses a combination high strength steel posts, rolling struts and plate sections that link together in bays to form continuous supports. The concept of a single rolling strut offers the same functionality and versatility as with the RS Trench Box in that larger and longer pipes and culverts can be accommodated that with traditional fixed position strut systems. It is possible to accommodate trench runs up to 9m deep and 7m wide. 10.3.1