The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 Rolling Strut Double Slide Rail Technical Specification - Rolling Struts and Extension Bars - note that the information stated below relates to the lower rolling strut and extensions only, if upper rollers are required, these are identical to the rollers and struts used for the RS box (for the technical specification of these struts see section 10.2.3) Roller axial capacity (R): R T = 200 kN (tension) R C = 780 kN (compression) - global FOS =1.65. Roller centres: 1790mm. Extension bars: Fabricated Section size: 690mm (height) x 220mm (width), Cross Sectional Area (A): 192cm² Moment Capacity (Mx): 1011.9 kNm (global FOS =1.65) Moment Capacity (My): 313.5 kNm (global FOS =1.65) Extension bars joints Flange: 720mm x 405mm Bolted connection: 8No. M30 (grade 10.9) bolts c/w washers – 1350 Nm torque required Joint Moment capacity (Mx): 527.5 kNm (global FOS =1.5) Joint Moment capacity (My): 313.5 kNm (global FOS =1.5) Strut locations and limit pins The Rolling Strut can be positioned at any one of five possible positions along the post depending on the requirements of the system. Limit pins are inserted in pre defined slots in the posts above and below the roller carriage so as to limit the range of movement of the strut; see diagram and photograph below. Refer to the user guide for more information on the correct use of limit pins. Note: Clearances shown are when the “Tuning Fork” limit pin is used below the roller. Clearances will be decreased by 260mm if the standard limit pin is used below the roller. 10.3.3