The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 Maxi Brace The MAXI Brace is a mid-range, heavy duty, hydraulically adjustable bracing system suitable for supporting clear span square or rectangular excavations ranging from 3m to 12m in size. Higher load capacity and/or longer spans can be achieved by incorporating either cross strutting of knee bracing. Modular extensions are available to further extend beam lengths, however cross strutting is required with these leg configurations. Each standard leg type incorporates a hydraulic ram unit that provides 1.1m of on-site adjustment. In addition there are three further legs which also incorporates a pinned rough adjuster unit which provides further on-site adjustment (ie additional 1.0m for the Type 8R, 2.0m for the Type 10R and 3.0m for the Type 12R). Typical Applications Thrust & reception pits, pipe connection chambers, CSO pits. Excavations for underground concrete structures. Excavations for interceptors & fuel tanks. Features / Benefits Simple corner pin connection for quick assembly on site. MAXI Legs 4 & 5 can also be adapted to be used as a medium duty hydraulic strut with a maximum axial load of 245kN (FOS 2:1) for spans of 2.6m to 4.7m between bearing surfaces. The legs can be articulated (with adaptor brackets) to accommodate multi-sided i.e. non-rectangular excavations. Type R legs have a rough adjustment facility for greater scope for on site adjustment. Compatibility All Maxi Brace legs can be used in conjunction with Mega Brace, Mechshore Double Acting and GF Double Acting Manhole Brace legs. See Section 3.3 (Brace Ancillaries) for more details on frame combinations. Modular extensions must be with cross struts. Maxi legs and beams can also be used as the waling in raking strut systems, see section 5.5 (Strut Ancillaries). 2.1.1