The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 Mega Brace The MEGA Brace is a high load capacity modular hydraulic bracing system designed to support square, rectangular or multi-sided excavations ranging from 3.0m to 20.0m in plan. It comprises hydraulic unit for fine length adjustment connected to a series of modular fixed length extension pieces for course length adjustment, connected via a simple double pinned splice. The fixed length extensions can be connected together to form a continuous heavy-duty waling beam when used as part of an internally strutted frame. Typical Applications Large Tanks - Interceptor, storage, fuel tank farms. Cofferdams, basements, bridge abutments. Reinforced Concrete Structures - Pumping Stations and Retaining walls. Features / Benefits Modular format allows for easy installation of large frame configurations with relatively light duty lifting equipment. Pined joint and corner connections for quick assembly on site. Ideal for long excavations, where large clear spans are required. In built corner joint articulation enables the legs to be used for non-rectangular e.g. hexagonal excavations. Double acting hydraulics with integral mechanical lock off valve for ease of installation and removal with zero fluid loss. Full mechanical lock off system available on special order. Compatibility Mega brace legs are fully compatible with Maxi Brace legs. In addition the Mega Brace can be used with proprietary mechanical or hydraulic struts, subject to detailed design checks, to increase the overall load capacity of the waling beam. The Mega beam can also be used as the waling in raking strut systems, see section 5.5. Product Link Brace Ancillaries - Section 3.3 Strut Ancillaries - Section 5.4 3.1.1