The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 MP125 & 150 Hydraulic Struts Typical Applications Can be used in combination with Groundforce proprietary waling systems such as the Mega Brace and Maxi Brace as an intermediate strut, knee brace or raking prop (using appropriate adapters), or with single/twin welded beams and non-standard applications such as propping capping beams plain walls, slabs, soldiers and temporary roof propping. Features and Benefits Swivel end bearing plates provide a zero moment end connection and can articulate laterally up to 45° for knee brace and raking applications. Two alternative swivel pin holes are provided to ensure the “line of action” is carried through the back face of the end bearing plate at all strut angles (see photo opposite). MP 125/150 struts combines the strength of steel tubes with the convenience of hydraulic adjustment. Provides 1.2m of double acting hydraulic adjustment with integral lock-off valve for simple zero fluid loss installation and removal techniques. Individual struts can be fitted with the Groundforce wireless, fully automated, load monitoring system.* The MP150 hydraulic units can be fitted with a mechanical lock-off system - special order only* * please contact Groundforce Technical Services Department for more details if required. The MP125/150 is a modular format medium-duty hydraulic strut combining the compressive strength of steel tube with the convenience of hydraulic actuation for length adjustment and pre-loading potential. Swivel end bearing units allow for various strutting configurations within an excavation, with or without waling beams. Both MP125 and MP150 struts use nominally 500mm diameter tubular sections as the main structural member. At shorter spans, the hydraulic capacity limits the axial load and at longer spans, the potential for lateral buckling of the extension sections dictates overall axial capacity. MP125 / 150 struts can be configured to work within an operating range of 3.6m to 20.0m without the need for intermediate support and are able to withstand working axial loads at shorter spans up to 125 / 150 tonnes respectively. Where greater axial capacity is required over longer spans the strut can utilise heavy duty, thicker walled extension pieces - see design chart on page 5.2.4. Product Link Strut Ancillaries - Section 5.4 Product Note: MP125 and MP150 struts are virtually identical except for a higher capacity hydraulic ram in the MP150 hydraulic units 5.2.1