The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 MP250 Hydraulic Strut MP250 Operating Range/Weight Chart - Standard Extensions The strut has a modular format comprising a hydraulic ram unit and a series of bolt together fixed length extension units to obtain the desired length. The table below shows standard configurations of the strut. The list is not exhaustive as other permutations are possible and valid, however the strut should not use more than four extension pieces in a single assembly. Additional mid-span vertical support via say king piles, or plunge columns, can extend the range of maximum performance. This and requests for non-standard configurations other than those shown below must be verified by the Groundforce Technical Services Department. Mechanical isolation (special order only). It is possible to equip certain ram units with locking rods to provide full hydraulic isolation. Contact the Technical Services department for more information. Ancillary Components continued... Schedule of Component Weights: Description Weight per item (kg) 2500kN Hydraulic Unit 2255 End Bearing Plate 270 Bolted Flange Swivel Plate 270 0.5m Extension 250 1.0m Extension 380 2.0m Extension 570 4.0m Extension 945 8.0m Extension 1720 12.0m Extension 2370 1m 2m Ext 2m Ext 1m 4m Extension 4m Extension 1m 4m Extension 2m Ext 4m Extension 2m Ext 1m 8m Extension 8m Extension 1m 8m Extension 2m Ext 8m Extension 2m Ext 1m 8m Extension 4m Extension 8m Extension 4m Extension 1m 8m Extension 4m Extension 2m Ext 8m Extension 4m Extension 2m Ext 1m 8m Extension 8m Extension 5.3.3