The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 Strut Ancillaries - Raking Strut Adaptors For raking strut applications, it is necessary to use bespoke strut end adaptors in lieu of the standard end bearing plates to enable their range of struts to connect safely and effectively to standard waling beams. There are three different types of Raking Strut Adapters which permit various strut / waling combinations as indicated in the matrix opposite. The Raking Strut Adapters are designed to allow efficient load transfer, distribution and line of thrust into the waling beam without risk of failure by overturning. It will be necessary however to provide some form of uplift restraint to the waling beam as shown in the picture opposite. Advantages Provides a connection between waler and prop whilst ensuring efficient load transfer. Reduces torsional effects induced on the waler from the struts. Aids with installation / positioning of the struts. Speeds up installation as there is no need to fabricated complicated connections between waler and strut. Compatibility Matrix Mega combined with MP125 and MP150 struts. Maxi combined with MP50 and MP60 struts. Connection Method Connection of the Raking Strut Adapters for the Mega Brace can only be made at the web stiffener locations. Careful consideration must therefore be given to the layout of the struts within the excavation. For the Maxi Brace adapter these can be positioned anywhere along the beam face (except at joint locations) where full contact can be made between the bearing plate and the beam. Allowable Angles of Rake Mega Brace and 125 and 150 Tonne Struts - 10° to 45° to the horizontal. Maxi Brace and 50 or 60 Tonne Struts - 15° to 35° to the horizontal. 5.4.1