The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 MP500 Strut The MP500 is the pre-eminent prop in the Groundforce’s fleet of high strength modular struts. When combined with 1.2m Ø super tubes extensions, it is capable of providing a working axial resistance of up to 5000kN at spans of up to 38m and can clear span well in excess of 40m at reduced capacity. The strut has been designed to combine the well known benefits of hydraulic adjustment and pressurisation with the safety and security of the axial being resisted by large diameter screw jacks. A specially designed release mechanism on the screws enables the strut to be released in a controlled manner, even when under significant residual loading. Typical Applications The MP500 is intended for heavy duty propping directly between diaphragm walls or concrete capping beams in basement propping type excavations. Key Features and Benefits The strut employs an integral hydraulic ram with 0.5m stroke for rapid installation and on-site adjustment. The integral hydraulic ram enables pre-loads of up to 200 tonnes to be induced into the strut. Higher pre-loads can be achieved using specialist jacking equipment; refer to technical services for more information. Imposed loads are resisted by twin large diameter mechanically locking screws, incorporating a release mechanism. The mechanical load holding feature provide increased strut stiffness over non-mechanical hydraulic struts. Employs a modular extension system using 1.2m Ø super tubes to enable large clear spans to be achieved. An optional integral wireless on-board load monitoring system can be fitted to these struts. Design Considerations Although basic technical information is tabulated in the following pages, it is recommended that the design of MP500 struts and super tubes is carried out from first principals on a job by job basis so as to fully assess the loads and combination of loads acting on individual struts. Product Link: For further information on super tube exts’ refer to 5.3.4 6.1.1