The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 Walers General Product Description Walers are compact, easily installed hydraulically-expandable shoring units designed for 2-sided support of trench runs typically up to 4m wide x maximum 6m deep. They are used in conjunction with trench sheeting in single frame (propped cantilever) or multi frame configurations. Support schemes using walers should be designed by a competent engineer. Each waler unit comprises two horizontal rails, expanded against the sheeted trench walls by (typically) two externally interconnected 63.5mm bore hydraulic rams. The rams are expanded and pressured between the walls of the trench by a manually operated hand pump. Waler rails are available in both lightweight aluminium and standard and heavy duty steel sections in a variety of lengths to suit different applications. A range of hydraulic rams are available to accommodate trench widths from 0.55m - 4.3m wide. The sections below and on the following pages provide technical information for the various waler types. A) Steel Waler Range - Technical Specification Waler Rail Section Size - 200x100x10 RHS steel grade S355J0. Working Bending Moment in rail = 40.5kNm (FOS 1.5 to yield). Hydraulic Rams - single acting incorporating a mechanical lock off valve locating in mounting plates welded on the front face of the rail. Note: the system does not articulate once assembled. See 8.1.4 for ram specifications. Technical Specification Hydraulic Cylinder Types A B C C1 C2 C3 5.0m Walers c/w 2 Hydraulic Cylinders Maximum Working Load Limit (kN/m) Weight of Complete Frame (kg) 18.0 454 18.0 458 18.0 462 18.0 468 18.0 470 18.0 472 Min Sheet-to-Sheet Trench Width (mm) Max Sheet-to-Sheet Trench Width (mm) 570 1050 1000 1500 1500 2400 2100 3000 2700 3600 3300 4200 8.1.1