The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 Aluminium Waler End Bearers E) Aluminium Waler End Bearers - Introduction Waler End Bearers (WEB`s) have been developed as an alternative method to close off the end of a trench, when using trench sheeting, a problem that over the years has often been resolved by inserting timber beams behind the waler beams or worse still, using the hydraulic rams to provide lateral support. WEB’s comprises two sliding telescopic aluminium box sections that connect to the ends of the Groundforce aluminium waler rail (section 8.1.3) and thus allow multiple-sided support for light duty applications in trenches up to 4.0m deep. The inner & outer box sections of the WEB are free to “telescope” and therefore provide resistance to bending but not to axial compression and tension. Design checks are therefore limited to ensuring that the moment capacity of the extrusions is adequate and that the locating pin is adequate in shear and bearing. The lateral load capacities stated in the table below are based solely on the structural capacity of the WEB and its connection, but take no allowance for potential sliding of the waler frame along the trench, an issue that becomes more problematic with short/wide walers frame configurations. Where the width of the trench is greater that the waler rail length it is recommended that additional checks for resistance to sliding be made refer to the Groundforce Technical Department for more information. Technical specification: Aluminium Grade - 6082 T6 - Material Yield Strength , p y = 260N/mm² Inner Section Outer Section I x-x = 312.8m 4 I x-x = 630.3m 4 Z x-x = 73.6cm³ Z x-x = 103.3cm³ A = 30.13cm² A = 32.44cm² Weight = 8.14kg/m Weight = 8.76kg/m Working Bending Moment* = 12.0kNm Working Bending Moment* = 16.8kNm *FOS = 1.6 The Waler End Bearers incorporate a stainless still spring and transit bolts to ensure that they can be handled/ operated in a safe manner. They are compatible with both the GF and GFS type Aluminium Waler Rails. Outersleeve section Innersleeve section Pin Properties 20mm Ø EN16 pin. Maximum Resistance of pin = 37.8kN (FOS =1.6). As limited by bending of the pin across the shear planes. *The Working Load Limit stated include for a global FOS of 1.6 and are the maximum possible values. Please be aware that the safe working load capacity of the overall system could be limited by the strength of the waler being used and hence this section should be checked in conjunction with section 8.1.3 Technical Specification Waler End Bearer Type Reference Used with Ram Type A Used with Ram Type B Used with Ram Type C AA AB BA BB CA CB C1 C2 Weight (kg) 8.7 10.0 12.0 14.1 19.0 22.9 28.7 34.0 Min pin-to-pin Width (mm) Max pin-to-pin Width (mm) 457 602 562 762 687 937 887 1187 1212 1662 1612 2112 1812 2712 2412 3312 Min Sheet-to-Sheet Width (mm) Max Sheet-to-Sheet Trench Width (mm) 545 690 650 850 775 1025 975 1275 1300 1750 1700 2200 1900 2800 2500 3400 Working Load Limit (kN/m) * 54.4 54.4 54.4 54.4 40.6 27.4 14.2 10.6 8.1.5