The Technical File | Groundforce Groundforce Shorco | Technical File Issue 3.0 Vertishore The Vertishore is a lightweight compact easily installed shoring unit designed for short term use in relatively shallow trenches in stable non-water bearing ground conditions. The units are designed to be installed from ground level by one man in a matter of seconds thus providing safe effective shoring without operatives having to enter an un-shored excavation. Each unit comprises two aluminium rails, expanded against the cut trench walls by a pair of interconnected hydraulic rams. The rams are expanded and pressured between the walls of the trench by a manually operated hand pump. The units are designed to be used intermittently along the trench without additional trench sheeting, however horizontal spacing of Vertishores should not exceed 1.2m centres along the trench. Vertishores are available in two alternative rail lengths and with a range of four hydraulic rams to cater for trench widths from 0.45m - 1.6m wide. Technical Specification Vertishores Type A Type Rail Length (mm) 1500 2100 Minimum excavation width (mm) 450 450 Maximum excavation width (mm) 1600 1600 Clearance below cylinder (mm) 570 570 Typical unit weight (kg) # 27 34 Rail working load (kN/m)** 20 20 # Weights will vary with cylinder lengths used. ** The cantilever effect of the shore rail under the lower ram is the limiting factor on uniformly distributed load ratings. The working axial load capacity of individual cylinders is 80kN 8.2.1